Farewell 2S4Y!

Nii kurb, kui see ka ei ole, sain sellest vahvast blogist osa ainult paar kuud. Nüüd paraku on blogis viimased kaks sketchi ja sellega lõppeb kahe aastase blogi teekond . Tegin minagi viimased kaardid 2S4Y sketchide abil ja tänan südamest Kazanit ja Laurat ning disainimeeskonda inspiratsiooni eest.

So sad that one inspiring blog is saying good bye. I had chance use 2S4Y sketches only couple of months but I´m glad that I had a chance to do that. And also I´m really thankful to Kazan, Laura and DT members for the inspiration. So here is my last cards using last sketches by Kazan and Laura in 2S4Y.


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